What would you say to your younger self the moment you were first catcalled ? 

Read below for a compilation of advice from women to their younger selves at the moment when they were first catcalled. Thank you for sharing your support and wisdom with everyone.

  1. “You’re stronger than them and they know it.” — Kaylee


2. “Don’t give them the attention they so desire.” — Lily


3. “Don’t blame it on the way you dressed, blame it on the way they think.”

This doesn't define your worth in any way. Keep your head up and your self esteem high-2.png

“It's ok to walk away from people who harass you regularly. ‘Fuck off’ is an acceptable response to harassment.“


“This doesn’t define your worth. Keep your head up and your self esteem high.”


"Men are trash. Don't let their bullshit affect you.” — Stephanie


“Don’t just walk away from the boys at school. Tell them it’s not okay.” — Sarah


"Don't act like nothing ever happened, it will break you. You're not the person who has to be ashamed."