it all started when...

At age 15, I became aware of daily street harassment in NYC. "Hello Beautiful," "Hey Sexy" and "Mmm Baby" accompanied my morning commute to my summer job. At first, I thought there must be something wrong with me, something that was provoking this behavior. I soon came to realize that this behavior was actually "normal" and that it was happening to a lot of people. I spent years feeling frustrated by it. As angry as I was, I never felt comfortable responding to catcalls. I was always silenced by the comments. At age 19, I found my way of responding. I started the Instagram account @catcallsofnyc to raise awareness about street harassment in NYC by writing catcalls on the sidewalk in chalk, in the spot where they happened. My goal is to give people a place to share their story of harassment, use it to raise pubic awareness and ultimately denormalize catcalling.
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